Living Lab Learning For The Future Dva 4056

Decision app

Developing a mobile app to disseminate the latest decision science knowledge and tools to help the general public improve their decision-making skills

The goal of this App is to leverage the broad expertise in decision-making that currently exists across the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud Center for Decision Science and Living Lab Learning for the Future, in order to share insights from decision researchers directly into the pocket of every individual.

Specifically, the mobile app will bring science to society, acting as an educational resource to help communicate scientific findings about decision-making and foster learning in a simple, free, and fun way. The features of the app will include tips (namely, a library of decision-making knowledge and advice which users can apply to their daily lives) and tools (namely, scientifically-driven resources that help users record and visualise decision-making processes).

The App is funded by the Donders Institute.