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We, Fleur de Veth (Student Pedagogical Science Primary Education) and Nils Müller (Education Developer Officer Faculty of Social Sciences) are organizing a short workshop on learning experiences outside the university. There is a growing awareness that it is valuable to complement the theoretical learning at university learning context outside university: small internships, volunteering, projects with societal partners etc..

The workshop will take place during the educational days on Tuesday 19/03/24 from 13:30-15.00 o’clock at the Radboud University. In the workshop we aim to give voice to students from different studies and backgrounds on what for them  contributes to successful learning experience and how they fit in the context in their study. The workshop starts with short presentation from students. Thereafter, in a round table discussion between students and lecturers we navigate between student wishes and expectation and educational realities and practicalities. The goal of the discussion is to create a short list of guide lines that facilitate successful learning outside the university.

We are still looking for one to three students that would be open to share their perspective with us and join the discussion during our workshop. So if you are a student that has experience with learning context outside the university. Or have from a different perspective an opinion on the topic, for example by being a part of a study association, why these experiences are important or what makes those experiences a success. Please let us know.

You can email nils.mueller@ru.nl

Best regards,

Fleur & Nils