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Online course AI for Education

NL AIC launches a free online AI course for education professionals.

NLAIC Aivooronderwijs Inge 1200X628

dr. Inge Molenaar

Today (31 May 2022), the Dutch AI Coalition launches the AI awareness course on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in education: AI for Education. A free online course that can be followed in your own time and pace. AI applications are developing at a rapid pace in all sectors. Therefore, the aim of this course is to make teachers in primary and secondary education aware of the opportunities of AI.

Interesting tracks and fascinating stories from education allow teachers, lecturers and administrators to explore the world of AI in the context of their field of work. In just two hours, the course discusses basic concepts such as algorithms, AI, machine learning and deep learning. 

The course lasts about two hours in total and at the end of the course the student earns a certificate.

Watch the trailer or start the course immediately.