Israeli delegation visits Agora school in Panningen

Agora stands for inclusive education, where children enjoy learning. Their natural curiosity and developmental needs are trusted. The children are given challenges and try to develop themselves with assignments.

Yaacov Hecht, founding father of democratic schools in the world, spoke highly of the public education provided in Panningen. “We are in a special time in the field of education. A lot has changed in the field of education during and after the corona time. This school is a pioneer and takes the lead in innovative education. I travel a lot around the world and visit different schools. This school is definitely the most innovative educational concept in the world."

According to Hecht, the corona pandemic has drastically changed education. "First of all, the parents and children have come closer together, because they have become closer to each other. That is also a form of education. You learn not only at school, but also from your environment."


Former minister of education in Israel, Yuli Tamir, also wants to launch the education concept in Israel. "We are here to learn and inspire us about Agora. We think it is a very suitable model for the 21st century. I would like to establish a school in Israel with this type of education as well. Children learn in a more active and interactive way. We heard a lot about Agora and we were made curious," she says.

Professor Harold Bekkering, professor of neuroscience at Radboud University Nijmegen and author of the book "The Learning Man" gave a presentation during the visit.

Omroep P&M made a clip of this day, to watch it click here.